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Sunday, September 07, 2008

So I decided to resurrect this blog. Some things that happened since my last post:

- Josh moved out. He's living with a roommate, and is still in the Air National Guard, working at a call center, and trying to get his CDC's done.

- I am starting my second year teaching Biology to highschoolers at the Homeschool Co-op. Kira goes there, too. It's a two-full-days-in-a-classroom, three days homeschooling set up. I miss the kids I taught last year, but I seem to have a really great group of students this year, as well.

- Randall is now teaching motorcycle safety classes as well as working at HP. He really likes his Tiger. :-)

- Toby is a Junior this year, and is doing a distance charter school program.(So it is a public school, but he is doing all his work at home.) He is playing bass in the youth band, and even occasionally on Sundays, and does some pretty cool things on Photoshop.

- I am still heading up preschool worship, which is a whole lot of fun (we just need more people!)

- Kira has been doing voice and piano, but this year is switching over to electric guitar. (Everyone start singing Wynona's "Girls with guitars...")

- I've been taking some art classes here and there. Dean Estes is an awesome artist and human being! Especially the Plein Aire class was so much fun. Except for the one where it started *snowing* on our sketch pads.

- And that's about it for now! I wonder if anyone still even has this on feed...

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Thanks for the update, Birgit!
Yep, still got your feed in my list...good to hear your news. Jason (now 13) is playing drums in the church worship band, and Emily (now 10) would also love to play electric guitar. She settled for starting with acoustic guitar since we already had one of those - and she's taking voice at school as well. So we have a lot of similar things going on.
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