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Friday, September 12, 2008

Full house today - Josh and Toby are playing videogames in the living room, Randall and his dad, who is visiting, are downstairs watching movies (as is Kira), and I am trying to catch up on bill paying and emails.

Kira is taking riding lessons this month at a friend's house. She has a beautiful place with an awesome view. It's so nice to just sit there for an hour and have to do nothing - watching the Appaloosas in the next meadow over play with each other, throwing balls for Sharlie, the dog, and watching Kira getting the hang of saddle and rein. And gabbing German with my friend Simone, whose daughter is signed up as well.

We also hung the new gallery exhibit at church today - some awesome stuff. It just so blesses me to see the outpouring of creativity from members of the church (from 5 year olds to professional artists.)

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