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Saturday, September 02, 2006

One thing Randall does that makes me feel very much loved is that he brings me a cup of coffee up before he leaves for work (at which point I am usually still asleep in bed.) It's just so nice.

The last few days I've been feeling even more loved, because not just did I get coffee, he brought it to me in his brand new "KBHR - Chris in the morning - coffee, commentary, Kafka" cup he bought for himself.

What a guy.

(Anyone who knowns in what "town" KBHR is located and recognizes how the pictures fit in with the post must be a fellow fan ;-)

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4 comments at 10:20 AM

I definitely have no clue, but I am so happy that you have a wonderful husband who brings you coffee. The Lord is good!
I recognized that place immediately! Was that up at your sister-in-law's hometown? There was that hazy memory of the Northern Exposure set being in the Northwest part of the country but nothing specific.
How lucky you are to have Randall bring you a cup of coffee in the morning.
Roslyn (where Northern Exposure was filmed) is pretty much exactly half way between my SIL's place and here. The town is still quite recognizable!
Rah rah for Randall and his loving coffee deliveries. My mom's husband makes her cappuccino in the mornings, too. I don't drink coffee, but sometimes I get a glass of juice :-)
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