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Monday, August 28, 2006

We got back from vacation yesterday - first we went camping in Mt. Rainier National Park for a couple of nights, and then went on to Forks, WA, to visit with Randall's sister and her husband (Shelly and Pete). We hadn't been to their place since they moved up to the Olympic Peninsula about a year and a half ago. They certainly picked a pretty place to live - green, close to beaches and mountains, big trees all around, lots of birds. Very nice.

We have been to most NPs in the West, but we had been missing Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier. Both were beautiful.

Highlights: Nosey marmots while hiking. Glacier vistas. Wildflower filled meadows. Seeing whales off in the distance while beach combing. Fresh-picked berries and ice cream.

Apropos berries - Shelly and Pete's place is surrounded with blackberry bushes, and I came home with a big container full of berries we picked the day before. Today, I turned them into nine jars of blackberry jam, a blackberry pie, and a quart of blackberry syrup for pancakes. There is something very satisfying about making something with your hands - those jars full of jam look beautiful, and they'll taste good on toast in the months to come! (And I'll send a couple jars back to the berry givers ;-)

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Wow, sounds like a wonderful vacation, and how fun to have blackberry pie, jam and everything! Yay!!
Your "highlights" paragraph sounds absolutely idyllic. Wish I'd been there with you! Wildflowers, whales and glaciers...WOW!
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