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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wanna see something really scary?

posted by Birgit
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That was truly frightening. I kept hoping the animals would take mercy on us and take him out. When you find yourself wishing the lions, elephants, fish, and native peoples will take a chuck out of David Hasselhoff you have to worry you are mean spirited.
I think he is a bit like Jerry Lewis; I don't understand why the French love him, nor do I understand why Hasselhoff is so popular in Europe!
Well, as a pop-art actor, he isn't so bad (though I wasn't fond of either of his shows, but there are certainly plenty of actors with equal mediocre levels of talent on TV.) And honestly, the Euro-pop he puts out is on par with a lot of what is popular over there (shudder.) But that video - as my sister-in-law said, someone must have been smoking some really bad dope... :-)
At the very least they were smoking the doobie! Either that, or really cheap wine!
Okay! I needed that laugh!!! ROFL!! But...why was he singing, "...when you turn me on..." when the little girl angels were flying!

He must really need the $$! LOL!
Agh. Fond memories of hearing that song on the radio years ago, dashed.
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