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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've heard about large hail, but I'd never seen it...until today. A thunderstorm came through, and suddenly there were these cherry-sized hailstones thumping all over the roof and against the windows - it made an incredible noise!
The worst thing was that I knew that Josh and Kira were out driving in it! He did great though and arrived home about five minutes later, so I didn't have to worry too long.
Randall took a picture - and those weren't some of the largest hailstones!

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That is remarkably large hail. I had never experienced the stuff before last year, either. You hear about golf ball sized hail and wonder where it is that it falls. I hope your home and cars didn't suffer damage. It seems your son thinks calmly when faced with the unexpected; he deserves applause!
He'd darned well better think calmly when faced with the unexpected. We spent enough time and money for him to become a Black Belt in Taekwondo and that's part of the whole point of that training! We did applaud him for doing so well when he got home though ;)
You both must give yourselves some of the credit; your guidance helped him know how to make sensible decisions.
Too often you hear about kids doing the stupid thing, driving too fast, talking to their friends in the car or on a cell phone, or lack of judgment. He obviously had parents that taught well.
Wow those are big!! I rarely see hail. I think we got a little this year but it melted immediately. Not too many thunderstorms here in CA.
I'm impressed with the size of those hailstones ...
Dave C. in Kahleefornyia,
You think that's bad??? Wait until Randall's dad has to endure the worst of all plagues.... hailstone sized golfballs.
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