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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I got a fennel bulb in my farm pickup this week. Last year, I just tried to sautee it in butter, and thought it was really pretty horrid. So this year I tried something different. I boiled the whole thing until tender, then peeled off the individual 'leaves'. Then I melted some roquefort, butter, grated cheddar, and a bit of milk in the microwave for a dip. Yum! The fennel and the blue cheese flavor got along really, really well... I guess I can strike fennel off my very short 'veggies I don't like' list.

On the way home, Kira and Meredith (our neighbor's daughter, who likes going out to the farm with us) got involved in a very earnest discussion on who was cuter - the baby goat, or Daisy, the Erskines' daughter. I think Daisy won by a hair.

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