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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Joshua graduated last Saturday. It seems odd that after almost nine years of schooling him, that part of my life with him is over. And he got his driver's license the Tuesday before. All of a sudden, it seems he is growing up in giant steps. I am not sure I am ready. On one hand, every step into independence is celebrated, on the other, I am having a hard time letting go...but I suppose that is as it should be.

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Hey, you used the ame picture I did!
Ok, now I used the same one as you...
Congratulations, everyone! Amazing accomplishments all around! What plans does Josh have for the future?
Congratulations!!! Way to go to all of you!
There I had felt badly for Josh; I feared he would miss out on having a graduation celebration. It really was great to see the cap and gown on him.
Oh my Goodness!! I'm calling my whole family in here to see this picture!!!! Congrats to Joshua! Wow is he ever TALL. And who is that other tall, shaggy one?????? lol ;-) Kira is looking more like her mom by the day.

Great Pic! Thanks for sharing it!! :-)
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