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Monday, February 27, 2006

Got to meet Palmer and Amy today. I actually wandered into Rembrandt's this morning on the off chance they would be there, since I had read on Palmer's blog that they would be in town -- figured it would be a perfect God thing if they were.

Walked in, and there was Amy standing at the book display. Bingo.

So with shaking knees I walked over to introduce myself. Now, this is about the hardest thing for me; if I have a phobia, this (and fear of heights, LOL) would be it. Add to that the odd nature of the bloggosphere in that they wouldn't know me from a piece of string cheese and I have been following the in and outs of their lives for years.

Anyway, I am sure I came across as totally awkward, but that's alright. It was just so great to finally meet them, because I love these guys. After praying for someone for -- what, about three years now? -- I think that comes with the territory.

Kingdom come.

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I also have that same phobia! I have no idea why?? I hope you enjoyed your meeting!
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