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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Milkman Cometh...

In what feels like a flashback to the fifties, I now have in-home milk delivery! On Tuesdays, the milkman comes, and leaves two gallons on my doorstep, in a nice dairy cooler. Along with any other dairy products I might require.

The milk cost about 50 cents a gallon more, but it is fresh from that day, hasn't been exposed to light, and best of all, it saves me the usual milk run to the store. Since four gallons sort of clutter up the fridge, I would always have to make another run to the store to restock up on milk later, which means extra gas,extra time, and a lot of impulse buys. So I am convinced this will actually work out much cheaper.

And it's fun.

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4 comments at 8:38 AM

Im jealous - Ive often thought that 'the milkman' should come back in style ...
Perhaps he skulked off when one too many kids got named after him ...
We used to have a milkman when I was a kid! It turns out my baby brother had to drink "skim" milk (non-fat) which at the time was uncommon. So we had a mild delivery every day (milk in glass bottles that were left in the crate when emptied to be exchanged for full bottles. It was great fun!
My husband would like my water delivered this way (I drink LOTS of it!)...those bottles get pretty heavy!!

Enjoy your milkman!
Ok I just can't believe there is a company that still delivers milk! Wow, you are lucky. I was always so jealous of one of our neighbors when growing up because they had a silver milk cooler outside their front door. I thought they were so rich!! lol...
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