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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Long time no blog!

- Went away for two weeks over Christmas and New Year to California. First a few days in a cabin in Kyburz, courtesy of my former host family, Bob and Wanda, who are still Mom and Dad to me. They built the cabin (which is really a two bedroom house with all amenities) completely by themselves.

- Then on to the North Bay - stayed with Randall's dad (Lonnie and Leah) and got to see lots of family. Randall's sister Shelly and her husband stopped by, as did his brother Mark with his family. We also went to see Bob and Wanda in Napa. Came away with a donation of a huge bag of lemon (such a thing costing 60 cents a piece in Idaho), which I squeezed, zested, and froze for future baking and lemonade usage once we got home. (Note to self: Next time one squeezes that many lemons, wear gloves. Skin on hands doesn't really appreciate being submerged in acid that long. For someone supposedly quite bright, I can really be stupid, LOL)

- Then a few days in San Jose visiting old friends; only wished for more days because there were more friends than hours in the day!

- Came home without mishap in spite of the storms (80 was closed, but we made it via the 50) only to find that our bathroom had sprung a leak and now had moldy carpet. Randall, still being very 'up' on carpet-ripping skills after his New Orleans trips, summarily disposed of the malodorous mess, and I put in a new tile floor. My first attempt at tile laying, and to my relief, it turned out alright. Whew. We had been planning to do that bathroom for a long time, because I think quite highly of the ability to actually mop around the loo. Carpet in the bathroom - shudder. I guess when the house was built, it hit that small window in the 70's where people actually thought carpet in the kitchen and in the bathrooms was a good idea. Go figure.

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Welcome back to blogland! Nice to hear of your trip. I have 2 lemon trees and most just sit there on the tree.

Yes carpet in the bathroom and kitchen is just "wrong." lol I agree with the need to mop around the 'loo'. :-D
lol, Birgit, I'm doing the same thing with lemons as we speak. I planted a lemon tree, but it's not bearing fruit yet, and I love them. I zested a whole bunch of them yesterday! I just set the zest on wax paper to dry. What do you do with it? Email me, b/c I'll forget to check back here.
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