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Saturday, December 17, 2005

When Christmas music goes bad. Sorry, I haven't been able to determine the name of the 'artist'.

posted by Birgit
7 comments at 11:56 AM

That is horrifically, hysterically, nose-runningly AWFUL (and funny)!!! Practically made me want to vomit with the horror of someone performing that in front of a real audience...speaking as a singer...
Ok all together now: AAAAARRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
well this isn't near as funny, but it's certainly more evil

how funny is that song? i had tears pumping the first time i heard that... played it for the poker boys last christmas and they were eating it up. it just gets better, like a car crash thats in slow motion. can't to listen to it some more...
(still wiping tears)
That was so funny! My co-worker from the next room asked me who was dying in here!!! I sent it on to friends and they are just dying....
I just hope it was done as a joke... then it was really successful. If it was serious... then it is so sad.
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