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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Your task, should you choose to accept it: take a post or part of a post. Go here.

Copy the text, and translate it into any language. Then copy the translation into the 'translate' field, and translate it back into English.

Here is my original text, from the last post:

Back at the car, we have hot tea and cookies, and Kira and I build a punky-haired snowman. The boys amuse themselves with the sleds. The dog has decided long ago that snow is just too darn cold, and is hiding in her crate. Randall ties the tree to the car, we make it home, and set it up.

Here is what I got back after translating it into German and then back into English:

Back at the car, have we are called dte and Plaetzchen, and Kira and I establish one punky behaarten to Snowman. The boys converse with the carriages. The dog decided before long time that snow fair is to verflixte cold weather and in its crate hidden. Edge universe binds the tree to the car, forms we it for head and sets up it.


Let me know if you try it!

Oh, I tried another one - this time, I translated it into Greek and then back into English:

Behind in the car, we have the boiling hot tea and the biscuits, and Kira and build punky-malljaro' snowman. The boys are entertained with the sledges. The dog has decided a long time before that the snow is precisely also curses the cold, and hides in her cage. The Randall ties up the tree in the car, him makes the house, and him place above.

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5 comments at 9:31 PM

That is great!
Too funny. I posted my results on my blog. Thanks for the tip "typist woman."
This is both funny and fascinating. I'm going to have to try this....
"Removed also the decorations of Christmas according to our small familial delivery, embelished the rooms. We are official festive and I am in the disposal in order to I am pleasantly despite a crowd of characteristics of bothering factors where in other attitude of days between me and the euphoria. My overflows of cups."

Okay, here it is. I took a portion of my latest post, translated it into Greek and then back to English.

Very fun site! Thank you.
Hey, how is The Randall, anyway?
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