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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Last Tuesday, Randall won tickets for a lunch-hour concert by Ben Taylor (son of Carly Simon and James Taylor) on our local radio station. So we trudged off to the studio, met the other twenty or so winners, all crammed into a conference room where they served us soda and pizza, and then Ben arrived. For about half an hour, we got to listen as he performed and got interviewed, and then, once the radio part was over, he stuck around for another half an hour or so, playing a few more songs and answering questions. At times, the guy sounds (and looks) so much like his dad that it is scary. The music was good; neo-folk; strong tunes that stood up well to being performed completely accousticly.

And we all got a free album, signed. Ben Taylor doesn't know how to spell Randall. No-one I have ever met has tried to spell it "Randle". Randal, Randolph, Randell, but never Randle. I think the actual spelling flustered him so bad that he then wrote the N backwards. So he wrote "oops" next to it. :-)

Anyways, check out his website, with four free MP3's available for download.

Nice way to spend my lunch hour. I could do this again.

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Lucky! I love Ben Taylor's song, "I will" (I think that is what it's called...not sure) It was in the soundtrack of the movie "Bye Bye Love". What a fun experience (including the "randle" episode...)
I clicked on the link and I have to comment on how good Carly Simon looks. What is up with that!? NO FAIR! (And yes, I'll take some cheese with that whine...)
Hi Birgit!
I really loved seeing all of you over the Christmas vacation! Your family is wonderful and you haven't changed a bit! Also enjoyed hearing your wonderful singing voice again! I'll never forget you singing at my Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary! Muchas gracias! Only about 5 1/2 weeks until the beginning of my new career as a grandma to little Liam! I can't wait! Remember when you came to the hospital after Jessica was born? And now here she is, a mother herself....time goes to quickly! Write me...My e-mail is

Love ya!
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