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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why is it that invariably every time I am in a grocery checkout line, someone in front of me will have a problem that takes forever to work out? Their card doesn't work, they have a price dispute, they have a broken item that requires someone to bring a replacement - it is always something, LOL! Think maybe I need to learn some patience or something? Hm?

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4 comments at 12:52 PM

I totally relate to this!
Yes, the same think always happens to me. However, I expect total patience and tolerance from others when I have some kind of problem in the grocery line.
9/22, 10/4, what happened, get bored with blogging? ;)
BIRGIT!! I really miss you. I've tagged you (you have to go to my blog and get the rules).. YOU'RE IT!
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