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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Maui Highlights

- Kira's first snorkeling trip. We kept hearing shouts of 'oo' and 'ow' out of the top of her snorkel, which is all that remains of 'cool' and 'wow' when you have a mouthpiece stuck in between your teeth. She kept talking into her snorkel - it was pretty funny!

- The fish are amazing. Drifting through this world populated with the most bizarre and colorful creatures just really makes you hold your breath in awe at God's imagination.

- Picking mangoes off the ground in the parking lot and eating them still warm from the sun.

- Wave jumping and body surfing and swimming every day in 80 degree water.

- Seeing a turtle while snorkeling, up close and personal.

- Sticking a Plumeria behind your ear and inhaling the fragrance for the next few hours (boy do those smell good.)

- Having local plate lunches, all of whom seem to involve a scoop of rice and a scoop of macaroni, no matter what you ordered. I ordered fried saimin with kimchee one time. It came with a scoop of macaroni salad. And they are heavy on the Spam. Almost every menu featured Spam. Even McDonalds has fried Spam on the breakfast menu. The funniest menu item involving Spam was a joke by a rather nice Japanese restaurant we went to. They had a Spam dish advertised with the caption that it required two days advanced notice and retailed for $ 500 - and they listed it in their vegetarian section.

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I never knew Turtles snorkeled ... and now you have me wondering : Do they say "ool" and "ow" as they comment on humans ...
Wow, sounds like a fabulous trip. Wow and Woooo!! I'm so happy for you.
There's a Hawaiian restaurant in San Jose, and they also have rice and macaroni salad with everything. I guess it's authentic, but it was like, can you say vegetables? They also have spam sushi (spam and rice wrapped in seaweed. mmmm, salty).
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