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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I have met some of the most interesting people online, people that have turned into friends of sorts through common interests and email penpal-ship. An orthodox Jewish mother of six in Australia. The head draper of a theater in New England, who is sending me step by step pictures of the reconstruction of one of Queen Elizabeth the Firsts dresses (which takes about 200 manhours to complete). A seventeen year old in Utah who turns out some great graphic art. A former English professor turned homeschool mom in Iowa who in her likes and dislikes could be my twin. A twenty-something gal who is into swingdancing and the Rennaissance Fair, and is just an incredibly charming writer.

If variety is the spice of life, my life has been spiced up quite a bit!

Anyways, one of these friends, in response to my bemoaning the fact that good sushi is hard to find in Boise (big fat surprise there) sent the following statement, which I felt was important to share as a community service announcement:

"Me, I'm still reeling from "Tex Wasabi: Sushi-Q" (I kid you not) which we found in Santa Rosa. The best of Texas BBQ and California style sushi, according to their advertisement. As it turns out (and get ready for a shocker here), Texas BBQ and Sushi are not only NOT soulmates, but shouldn't be close friends, or even indifferent neighbors. They should not occupy adjoining lots in a strip-mall, and in fact, occupying the same side of town may be too close."

A menu example:

Kemosabe Roll $5-1/2
Tapioca rice paper roll with sushi rice, BBQ beef brisket, french fries, crispy onions & a garlic chili mayo sauce.


So, all my California friends, if you are ever in Santa Rosa, you will know which place to avoid. Snicker.

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