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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Can you just picture the conversation?

Noah: I am going to build a large, floating box in our backyard. It's called an Ark.
Mrs. Noah: Right you are.
Noah: No, really. God said.
Mrs. Noah: Talking to the Almighty now, are we?
Noah: Well, does that sound like something I would come up with? Anyway, it should only take about 120 years or so. Hope you don't have other plans.
Mrs. Noah: Are you daft?
Noah: No. God said.
Mrs. Noah: Do you have any idea what the neighbors will say?
Noah: I think I would really prefer to keep this thing quiet.
Mrs. Noah: How big is 'this thing' again?
Noah: 300 cubits.
Mrs. Noah: Oh. And you don't think the neighbors will notice?
Noah: Well, erm... well, anyway, I just thought I would give you a heads up...

120 years later:

Noah: Well, my dear, time for moving day.
Mrs. Noah: Say again?
Noah: We are moving into the Ark. God said.
Mrs. Noah: With all those stinking animals? Over my dead body.
Noah: Well, actually, now that you mention it...

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