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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Summer caught up with us...

One month no blogging - the longest stretch I have ever fallen off the wagon!
Recent happenings:

- I started a side job working one day a week for a friend, selling fashion jewelry at one of those mall kiosks.

- Kira had a run-in at camp with a rather mean, jagged tree branch and required eight stitches on her leg. Stitches will come out tomorrow. At least she has an exciting story to tell now.

- Josh is going on his first-ever missions trip - he will be gone to Mexico for a total of twelve days. He worked hard for this one - lawn mowing, ditch digging, fence-post pounding, sod rolling - so I am sure it will mean more. Friends and family pitched in for the rest.

- Kira started horse-back riding lessons with a friend's daughter, who is doing a phenomenal job for very little money.

- Randall got approval to go on a business trip to China soon, and will have a chance to visit with our friends the Keeners in Shenzhen. I am jealous.

- I spent the last week fixing our dining room - stripping wall paper, scraping off acoustic ceiling gunk, re-texturing the ceiling, painting the ceiling, and painting the wall. After painting the wall (two coats) I decided I really didn't like the color. Ack. So I spent the next day repainting it in a nice celery color. Much better.

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