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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Went to see Mindy Smith and Mary Chapin Carpenter on Monday night. It was our first time at the Morrison Center - the accoustics were amazing.
I love Mindy Smith's music - she played without a band, only a guitarist/mandolinist at her side. It may have been that that caused her to drop the couple of more upbeat songs, and focus on the lyrical, slow ones that make up the majority of the album. Very relaxing, beautiful vocal stylings, but after about six songs it got to sound a little bit too much the same. Still, very nice. Once she has more than one album out and a bit more material to pick from, that problem should solve itself. (And a band wouldn't hurt.)

But then came Mary Chapin. She is what many consider 'past her prime' - hasn't had a number one hit in a long time, the last couple albums are more in the singer/songwriter/ tradition than straight-forward country, she is closer to fifty than forty, and a much 'bigger' lady than she used to be.

But she has one of those second-alto smooth female voices that feel like cool water on a hot day, she writes songs that actually have something to say, she is charming and real and 'relatable'. Hm, this paragraph actually reminds me of someone else I know.

Anyways, the concert was wonderful, a nice mix of new and old. I'd go see her again anytime.

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