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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I love the older guy who dances at our church. He's right there in the front row, and doesn't care who looks. He is not a particularly good dancer, or particularily graceful. Doesn't matter. It's just cool.

I love the father down the street on Ranch who plays catch with his son in the park while having a baby in a backpack. I always imagine his wife is sitting on the sofa with her feet up. And the kids look happy.

I love the really old man who walks the really small, really old dog across the street. They leave the door, walk ten yards down the sidewalk, and then back. It's about as far as either of them can make it, I think.

I love the little four year old blondie who runs up to me at church and says "My Friend!" before giving me a big hug. Even though I regularily only see her approximately 20 minutes every couple of weeks. Makes my day.

People. They're just cool.

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