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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We got our Christmas tree up. The day after Thanksgiving we drove up in the mountains to get our permit, and find and cut one. We got a nice, 11 ft white pine. As if on cue, it started to snow the next few days. I love this time of year.

Yesterday, I went with a friend to see "Shall We Dance?", the kind of chick-flick my husband is not too interested in. (It stars Richard Gere, and is about ballroom dancing, after all, LOL.) The Japanese original was more charming, I think, but I loved this movie, too - I am just a goner for (and stop reading here if you haven't seen it and still intention to) movies that start and end with husband and wife still totally in love after 19 years of marriage.

Which, incidentally, is how long we have been married...

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