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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yesterday was veggie pickup at the organic farm again - pick-your-own cherry tomatoes and raspberries. No problem - except we have no clue where exactly on the farm the cherry tomatoes are located.

Daisy is the daughter of the Erskines, who run Peaceful Belly (I think that since they named it when they were pregnant with her, she had something to do with the name. (Which admittedly causes a few hiccups every once in a while. "I get my veggies at Peaceful Belly" usually leads to an interesting expression on the face of the person asking.))

Daisy was our duly elected tour guide. Now mind you, Daisy is two - a tiny two. So we are following this tiny blonde person, who has wet hair, is covered in dirt, with a bare bottom under her skirt (must be potty training.....),jabbering away about a baby bird hatching. This happy little person. Across the farm - to the strawberries. Evidently strawberries and cherry tomatoes look sorta similar ;-)

I don't even know why - but I was following her, and all of a sudden it was like she was what it was all about. She is the reason God made the earth. She is the reason he made raspberries. She is the reason the sky is blue and flowers are all the colors of the rainbow. Because God knew Daisy would enjoy it.

Do you know those moments when God's love ceases to be an abstraction and become so real and first-person it almost hurts? God loves Daisy....

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