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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The County Fair is a summer right of passage for us.
Every summer for the last 10 years or so, the kids and I head over to the fairgrounds, bake in the heat, and get covered in dust.
We get our hands good and slimy while being licked by cattle and goats.
We have hot funnel cake.
We argue over which quilt we would like to take home (Toby's vote was for the tie-dye colored dragon quilt)
We ooh and aah over the 3 day old piglets, and marvel at the size of a Brahma bull.
We watch hokey shows.
We giggle at the Peruvian Guinea Pigs, which look remarkably like Tribbles.
We eat hot buttered corn on the cob and cotton candy.
We fly through the air on the Giant Swing and get suckered by the carnies into playing some stupid game we never win at. (well, not counting the really ugly alien Kira came home with a couple of years ago....)

Since we moved to Idaho, there is the mandatory stop at the Mint Growers in the Ag tent - they have mint ice water, which is just the ticket on a hot day after walking around for a couple of hours and consuming a lot of sugar. Kira took a canteen this year so they could fill it up for her. I don't think I ever really would want mint ice water any other time, but it is great at the fair.

For the last two years, an added part is finding our entries in the exhibit hall, and this year (warning: unadulterated bragging to follow) between us we got 4 blue ribbons (and assorted second, third, and fourth places.) Watching their faces light up when they find their entry, and there is a ribbon (of any color) attached - such a cool thing!

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