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Friday, July 02, 2004

So, it has been a busy two weeks - because of work scheduling problems Randall didn't get to down the coast to California (from where we were in Oregon) with us, instead we got to drive all the way back to Eagle, and then leave again the next morning. Staying at a friend's empty house meant we didn't have to bug people to spend the night, so that was very very nice!

First night we stopped in Reno - at the Golden Phoenix, a casino that doesn't seem to be in the upper tiers of casino-dom, but which offered the unbeatable price of 21.99 a night. Not a bad place, even if I was wondering why exactly they needed three deadbolts on the door....
Arriving in CA, we dropped Josh of at his friend Logan's house, and went for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (Why does Boise not have one of those "soup and big ol' salad bar" places? Not the right market? Or is there one and I just haven't found it yet??) Then met with our friend Dave who picked up Randall's dive tanks that I had carted down (since they are of precious little value to us up here, and I would rather they take up space in Dave's closet than in ours ;-) Next day we headed to the beach and went boogie boarding.
Saturday brought a day at the Tech Museum (free with our Discovery Center membership from here) where all the kids had been begging to go the last couple times we were down. Then visited with the Bratkos, who we hadn't seen in a long time.
Sunday - church - I walked in there and it was like putting on a comfortable old slipper - I still know and recognize more people there after being gone for two years than I do at Vineyard Boise......then on to the Reids. I really would like to get the Reids and the Kecks together, and just sit back and listen in :-)

Also got to hang out with my friends Gina, Susan, Qian-Li, the Schudels and the Clarks.
The day before leaving I stopped by what I think is my favorite store in the whole wide world, IKEA - I could literally spend a day in there. I somehow managed to get an entire arm chair for our bedroom into the car (my good fortune that their stuff comes in a box in pieces.) And hit
Trader Joe's to stock up on their curry sauces.

Made it back to find that my fabulous husband
cleaned out the garage and fixed up the porch while I was gone. AND he got the 67 Mustang Fastback running again that had been sitting immobile in our garage since we moved up here. Bless the man!!

So now I am all vacationed out for a while, I think....well, a couple weeks, until my older sister Annelie gets here an I get to cart her up to Yellowstone, anyways!

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