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Friday, June 04, 2004

While Randall was out of town (well, out of the country, and out of the continent, for that matter...), and since school is out (heaving big sigh of relief here) I decided to get started on the annual home improvement projects. First stop: the huge wall in our entry way that covers both levels of the house and is (was) covered in grey wallpaper with large apricot flowers on it. It needed to go. What stopped it from going for 2 years was the fact that the wallpaper was on bare drywall. The last time I tried to remove wallpaper from bare drywall (in the kitchen) half the drywall came with it. It turned into one of those home improvement projects from hell, where one thing leads to another. I was not anxious to repeat that experience. Also, the wall is about 20 feet or so tall. Only accessible with a very tall ladder. I have "height issues".
Anyways, I finally decided to tackle it. Thankfully, the wallpaper came off pretty easy (***background choir breaks out into a spontaneous rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus***).
Today, I started smearing joint compound all over it and texturing it. I am about half done, and my arms feel like wet noodles.

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