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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We got back from the Oregon coast today - thanks to Wells Fargo, who gave us a free three night stay at the beach with our mortgage refinance last year, we had a nice stay in Newport. For some reason, I worship best at the beach - it is so easy for me to see God there. The crashing of the waves, and the expanse of the ocean somehow just make it easy to see glory....I guess everyone has special places where God just seems closer....

- Seafest at the Marine Institute - fun, and free.
- sea food dinner - crab for Randall, killer cioppino for me.....
- spreading a fifty cent plastic table cloth on the hotel floor, and having our very own crab feed, with bits of crab and shell flying everywhere....
- did I mention the beach?

I was wondering about their logo though - "Explore Newport - Friendliest"
Seems sort of grammatically challenged :-)

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