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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I went down Tuesday night to hear the musical stylings of Nada Brahma (Boise's own world/fusion/funk/rock band...). Randall and one son were at Taekwondo, the other two were sniffly/coldsy, so I decided I might as well walk to downtown and take in some live music. Sadly, not a whole lot of people turned up, so the athmosphere wasn't the liveliest, but I enjoyed myself - it was fun to watch the braided beard of the percussionist swing (the guy is quite credible on the didgeridoo as well...), the ice-cream-eating old man in shorts and knee socks take pictures, and a couple of hippiesque women dance barefoot. Before the set was over, I was dancing too. Running into Ms. Keck and the Keck kids was an added bonus.

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