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Friday, May 28, 2004

At first I thought it was a joke....

I came upon this site today. I first thought it was a site in the vein of the Lark News or something like that, but I guess they are serious.

The goal: To move 50,000 likeminded Christians to a designated state (Alabama, Mississippi, and S. Carolina are in consideration), then secede from the Union, and start their own little theocracy.

"Our move will commence when the federal government forces sodomite marriages on our local communities or once we reach the 50,000-member mark, whichever comes first."

And there they can live in their own little Xanadu (since we can assume that any action like that would lead to a Non-Christian Exodus from the chosen target state), and never have to bother with those pesky non-Christians, or "sinners", or anyone who doesn't share what they believe - just exactly what Christ did. Right.

Good thing this is about as likely to succeed as my dog is likely to sprout wings tomorrow.....

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