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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

This whole new building thing is bringing out the lingering discontent.
We started going to the Vineyard here because we've been in Vineyards since we moved back to the US in '89. We were in Vineyard Anaheim for a couple years, and since then haven't really missed megachurch existence. The last 10 years or so were spent as part of church plants - our last church had about 20 people when we started there. We formed deep relationships that continue despite those friends beings spread out all over the globe now.
We've been in Boise 2 years now, and have relationship with people at this church. I hate new situations, always have. Yet at the same time, deep relationships are noticably absent. That, I hate. The kids love it and have friends there, and that is a big factor. As far as megachurches go, this one is a very decent one. I am just not a megachurch person. Sigh.

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