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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Last week recap:

---Friday had the Kecks over - it was so great to meet the rest of the Keck family! I enjoyed them immensely...

---Saturday, watched the Babylon 5 season three cliffhanger. Kids are mad - it will be a week before the answer to "did or didn't he die at Z'Ha'Dum" is answered when the next disk arrives :-)

---Sunday - skipped church for once (since we hadn't had a family outing in a while), and went on a trip. First stop near Jackpot, to an area that is littered with geodes - we picked up a whole lot of whole ones, and some of the broken ones we liked. There were so many, we were walking on broken geodes! Then on to Bruneau Dunes, climbed up the big sandhill (kids took sleds and went sledding down it.) Got home, and later found about a pound of sand on the laundry room floor where my dear son had taken off the cargo pants with the 78 or so pockets.....

---Wednesday, last day of Awana. Kira got her Sparks award, and is moving on to T and T next year. I am glad I don't have to take her anywhere on Wednesday nights until October now.

---Today, planted a bunch of plants - raspberries, strawberries, a gooseberry and two currant bushes. I am just so thrilled still with having our own house....I can plant, I can paint, I can do what I want to! And even though the bushes won't be bearing much for a year or two at least, no landlord will tell us he wants to sell the house, I know we'll be here (Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise...)

Bruneau Dunes

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