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Thursday, April 15, 2004

I liked the words of Richard Foster that Beth posted on her blog a while ago:

Encouragement - always
Advice - not often
Rebuke- once in a great while, and only when absolutely neccessary
Condemnation - never

Ever run into someone that just likes to rebuke? Especially if they think they are doing so because they are "prophetic"? They have the direct line from God, and God told them to tell you how miserably you are failing Him? No love, no relationship, just THE TRUTH according to them (and because they heard directly from God about you, there is no way they can be wrong....)

Flipside of the coin are those Christians that consider anything that isn't warm and fuzzy judgmental. If I see a friend heading for a cliff, it isn't judgmental to say "I think you are on the wrong way here. I would suggest that road over there...."

This is such a tough area for me. I hate confronting people. Luckily it isn't absolutely necessary very often at all. I am way more comfortable on the warm and fuzzy side of things...

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