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Monday, April 05, 2004

Coffee and Carpets

Our church a few weeks ago gave us a tour of the new facilities (we have been in temporary quarters in the gym while the church building was expanded.) When touring the new facility our pastor mentioned that because there were now $78,000 worth of new carpets to consider, there would not be coffee in the sanctuary.
That just gave me this sinking feeling.
See, the Vineyard is a coffee culture. There is a coffee bar before church, in the "old" sanctuary, there were a few rows of tables so there was almost a bit of a coffee house feel, and everyone brought their coffee and muffin in to eat. It made the place less churchy, more casual. The building was there to be used by the people. With this new rule, it seemed like now people were going to have to change to meet the demands of the building. A little thing, but a paradigm shift....

Well, last Sunday (last one in the temporary quarters) it was announced that after a flurry of e-mails and a staff meeting to vote on the "coffee issue" it seems that most people felt the way I did - and there would be coffee. No tables any more, but at least coffee (someone in the church shouted out that, conveniently, the background of the carpet is a nice coffee color :-).

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