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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Can I just say that I hate the "bring a friend and get your book signed" thing at Awana? For the uninitiated, in Awana you memorize bible verses, do other activities, crafts and games in groups with other kids - my daughter has been doing this for a couple of years, and loves it. Every year, you work through a book. One of the pages (which you have to get signed off to be able to finish the book) requires you to bring a friend. The object is to introduce an unchurched friend to the joy of Awana, and in turn, to God. Problem is, unchurched friends often aren't that terribly interested. And my daughter still has to bring someone. So we end up borrowing a friend who already is a believer (and often already attending a different Awana club....) to fulfill that requirement. Silly.

In my friend's club, they came up with a solution to that. The club leader decided that it would be enough if you only invited a friend, even if he/she didn't come. 'Nuther problem though - how do you prove that you really invited someone? The club leader's brilliant idea was to have the parents of the invited child fill out a form, confirming the child was invited and giving a reason for why they didn't want to come.

Picture the situation - "Hi, you want to come to Awana with me?" "No, not really." "Ok, then go get your Mom and have her sign this paper explaining why you don't want to come. " Grrrrr. Not good manners, not polite, bad idea. I am not required to give an explanation for turning down an invitation in normal social life, a simple "I am sorry, but I can't" is sufficient (and probing by the inviter after that is considered bad manners.) Why should we require someone to explain why they don't want to visit this Christian, churchy thing that we want them to go?

Anyways, this vexes me to no end!

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