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Thursday, December 11, 2003

We have been in Idaho now for 1 1/2 years. Do you know how many people from church have invited us into their homes (for dinner, coffee, lunch, a movie..) other than for scheduled group activities (as in, the entire homegroup is invited)? Zero. That just struck me the other day.
It wasn't much different in San Jose - in general, we had people over a whole lot more than vice versa, and if people hung out, it was mainly at restaurants after church. (With the notable exception of Jon and Kay, who always seemed to have people over...)
The art of breaking bread together seems to be on the way to extinction.
Why is that? Is it that we are so overscheduled? Is it a cultural thing - that social activities are centered more outside the home? Going to the movies and a restaurant with friends, versus inviting them to spaghetti and a DVD at home? Is it the Martha Stewartisation of entertaining - that people think a shared meal has to be 3 courses served on fine china with bronze charger plates?That a pot of bean soup with corn bread doesn't cut it? In other words, dinner needs to be a production, instead of fun?
Or all of the above?

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