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Sunday, November 23, 2003

This is a story that should be told with a whisper and with a shout, with wonder and with joy.
That once, there was a baby, a miracle baby. You were a miracle too, but this infant was different from any other baby ever born - in this baby the past and the present and the future were all rolled up in one, and that little tiny baby boy was the King of all creation. His mother's name was Mary - just a young girl in an ordinary town in Israel. You see, this King was not born to a princess or a queen, but to a simple girl living a simple life - until then. An angel appeared to her, one of God's most important angels - someone beautiful and bright and scary. "Fear not" he said. The angel came from Mary's son - and He didn't want his mother to be afraid. So "Don't be afraid, God cares for you very much", the angel said. "You will conceive a baby boy. His name will be Jesus." Mary had a puzzled look on her face. She knew where babies come from. And she asked, "How is that possible?"
And the angel answered her. "That baby is the most wonderful baby to ever be born, and he will not come into being the ordinary way. Mary, he is the Son of God. And you among all the women in the whole world are the one he chose to be his mother." And the angel left.

To be continued.....

A story becomes more real for me in the retelling - so that is what I will do here off and on...

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