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Thursday, November 06, 2003

One recurring topic on the homeschool lists I am on is modesty. What is that? Does it mean ankle long dresses, long sleeves, bloomers, and head coverings (and never ever going swimming?)
According to the Bible, women are supposed to dress modestly - but I have heard about as many different opinions on what that means as people discussing it. First of all, I don't think there is a "biblical dress code". I think that the scriptures describing modest dress/hair/accessories are what would be considered modest in the culture back than, and I think that the definition of modesty will vary with culture. Obviously something considered immodest in Puritan days would be considered extremely modest today.
The way I would sum up modesty in a nutshell is to dress in a way so as not to draw attention to yourself. In that way, some of the very modest dress is actually self defeating - it draws attention to you, not away from you. Like the family that puts dresses on over their snowsuits to go sledding. Or the woman in an actual bathing dress with knee length culottes. Or in a tent dress. You end up with everyone staring at you, instead of the desired effect...
I think it works the other way too though - someone walking around in a string bikini definitely attracts attention. So will someone in a skin-tight mini dress with plunging neckline down to the belly button.
"Modester-than-thou" and a Brittney Spears dress code are to me just about equally bad.

I think modest clothing doesn't have to be drab (one look at the extravagant hues God chose for display all over nature makes me think he is not opposed to colors). It doesn't have to be unfashionable. It can be feminine, pretty, comfortable, hip, individual. It just shouldn't make us stick out in a bad way, on either end of the spectrum. Anyways, that I what I have arrived at for me.

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