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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

A couple years ago I took the Perspectives class from the US Center for World Missions - and it was a life changer for me. I think that is what first woke me up from sleepwalking through my Christian life. It wasn't so much a course on "world mission" as a gauntlet thrown down. I don't think anyone in that class left unchanged or unchallenged.
-Can we lose our "church goggles" and see the glory of God in Him being worshipped in a myriad of cultural expressions and alternate church models that fit the people, their culture and world view?
-Can we live a kingdom lifestyle in the midst of materialism and egocentrism?
- Can we get beyond nationalism and the American Way and see that his chosen people is spread out all over the globe?
All questions applicable in a lot more ways than just relating to world missions....
Anyways, I was thrilled to find out that the class is coming to Boise in January.

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