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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Women in church - I have read different blog entries on this now. The churches I have been in have given women a lot of freedom compared to some other churches - discuss issues (with men and women), pray and minister, get up on "teach one another Sunday" and share what God has put on my heart, question decisions, give input. I totally believe that women are of the exact same value to God as men, equal in importance.
I can see women in just about every area of church life - heading ministries (and not just women and childrens, either), teaching at homegroup, writing for public consumption, praying, prophecying, being a voice. Yet (as someone in a CEO type church) - I would have a hard time with a woman as that CEO. Probably due to a mix of how I understand scripture and the church culture I am surrounded by, I just have this inner barrier when it comes to women leading a church. I have read every scripture I could find, and different books on the topic from different view points, and that is just where I am after all that. Just like in my marriage - I am an equal partner, can make decisions, have responsibilities, am very vocal, expect my husband to listen to me, and I can be persistent (sometimes too persistent :-) in pressing my point. But in the end, I want him to lead - he gets the tie breaker vote. I want him to be the head of our family. And since he is a wonderful guy, and I know he loves me, and wants the best for me and for us, I am totally comfortable with that.

This is sorta in response to Beth's post on her blog (see links) - I figured out halfway through typing a comment that it would be way too long, LOL! I guess my take would be that I could see women all over the bus and in the front seat with a map navigating - but I would still have a hard time with a woman being the bus driver.
I have no problem with women in functional authority over men - practical authority. Women as bosses at work, women overseeing finances, women overseeing men in ministry as to how and what and when. But I don't really like seeing women in spiritual authority over men. Maybe that sounds hopelessly old fashioned, but I really do love for men to lead in that way, to take on the headship of the church, do the shepherding...
I am having a hard time getting this down in a way that sounds "right". Sometimes it is hard to find words that describe what you mean perfectly and cohesively - but this is the best I can do for now....

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