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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Some favorite movies - in no particular order:

Enchanted April (Try it. Even my husband liked it.)
Tender Mercies (Robert the guy, especially in...
The Apostle (A movie you think about weeks and months after seeing it)
My Fair Lady. (Audrey Hepburn. 'nuff said (even if she doesn't really sing anything))
Babette's Feast (Danish movie with English subtitles, but awesome....)
Run Lola Run (Psychedelic whirlwind of a movie)
Lord of the Rings (any and all - I am already pre-approving the third one sight unseen)
Ever After (A Cinderella story with a decided kick)
The Remains of the day (Loved the book. Loved the movie)
Shadowlands (After playing a butler in "Remains", here is Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis)
The Princess Bride. ("What about the
Chocolat (I thought that one was a gem)

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