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Friday, October 24, 2003

I guess my problem with giving lots of time and space in churches to end time scenarios is that it accomplishes exactly the opposite of what Jesus intended for those stories and parables of his return. He is saying "Live every day as my disciple. Live well - do the stuff I want you to do. Be fully invested in the kingdom of God. Whenever I come, I want to find you living out what I taught you." I think living with the awareness that our time here could end at any time (one way or another) should make us live more fully, more joyfull, more deliberate.
When the church gets sidetracked into trying to figure out exactly what the end-times will look like, what exactly will happen when, etc, then that is time that could be put to much better use. The message isn't "I tell you this so that you can spend years trying to figure out exactly what tribulation economics will look like and warn people about the form the mark of the beast can take." It is "I tell you this so that you will live life abundantly and well".

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