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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Sometimes life just seems so dull. School with the kids. Fix lunches and dinners. Clean the kitchen. Do the laundry. Drive the kids to xyz. Clean the kitchen (again). It can seem like life is going around in these endless repetitive circles. When I am in that frame of mind, I don't even have a spark of creativity, the best I can imagine doing is crawling in bed with a good book. That is what I feel like today.

Yet I firmly believe that creativity is essential - that if we are created in the image of God, the ultimate creator, creativity is part of our spiritual DNA, and to stifle that part of us is bad for our spirits.

So years ago, God reconnected me with hope - that the endless cycle of mother and housewife duties wasn't, in the end, who I was. That I was more than the sum of my roles. That I could carry that God-spark into daily life - and even if there was no place for the big projects, I could be creative in little ways - make up stories with the kids (my daughter still comes every day for the next installment of "Adventures of a girl named Kira" :-), draw with them, take 30 minutes for a craft, write a line or two of a song, (even if it isn't ever good enough to take out in public), fix a meal that has great colors and textures, paint the walls a fun color, learn how to play the tinwhistle ;-)

Anyways, I still get bogged down and forget sometimes - and I am a more grouchy, grumpy woman when I do.

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